Want to hide your baby bump for a little longer? Here’s how to!

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Photo: Kristina Flour on unsplash.com

Want to hide your baby bump for a little longer? Here’s how to!

Haven’t shared your news with your colleagues yet? Or maybe not even with your nearest and dearest…

All pregnant bodies are different but what they all have in common is that we all feel that the baby bump shows long before anyone even suspects we are pregnant. However, it could be good to have some styling tricks up your sleeve to be on the safe side and conceal that baby bump for a little longer. Here are our best styling and fashion tips, which you can use throughout the entire pregnancy!

Loose-fitting blouses

Wearing a loose-fitting blouse is an excellent trick to conceal a growing belly. Opt for straight models that don’t sit tight around your waist.

Twist front kimono // Origami blouse // Peplum Top // Frill shoulder in blue

Tie blouse and turtlenecks

A tie blouse or turtleneck will divert focus from your belly to your neck and face instead. Details that pop out will distract the eye even more.

Bohemisk blus // Smock Cami Top // Alvey mid rise // Skater dress


An interesting pattern will trick the eye and redirect the focus to notice the details rather than your baby bump. Remember to wear clothes with all-over patterns and prints.

Polka Dot Top // Skater tea dress // Floral cape midi dress // Stripe long sleeve shirt

Extra material and draping

Draping, asymmetrical cuts or wrap-style clothing will trick the eye and your belly will become a part of the outfit.

Draped midi dress // Knot front slinky midi dress // Double layer mini dress // Ruffle wrap maxi dress

High-waisted bottom

Clothes that sit tightly around your waist are never comfy. That’s why you’ll never regret investing in a pair of comfy maternity tights and a pencil skirt. High-waisted pants and skirts will also trick the eye as they start at the narrowest part of your waist.

Jersey pencil skirt // Satin maxi skirt // Midi skirt in birds of paradise // Maternity leggings


Shorter necklaces, scarves, earrings, hairstyles or glasses will divert the focus from your belly. A stylish handbag could also do the trick but avoid carrying it over your shoulder as it could end up on your belly. Carry it in your hand instead.